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Written Testimonials
Arthur R - Dix Hills, NYJuly 28, 2017

We were quite disappointed that there was not an enrichment program when we moved to the sixth grade.
Tah Dah! Disappointment was not to be ours! We are now privileged to be at the most terrific, fabulous and challenging Village East Gifted (VEG)! Ms. Phillips constantly presents us with the most extraordinary opportunities. We are thriving in an environment for research, thought, and creativity that she so generously provides! Village East Gifted (VEG) is a wonderful experience for all who are lucky enough to live on Long Island. The programs are small enough to give each student individual attention while still maintaining a group instructional format conducive to learning.

Arden T - Northport, NYMay 28, 2017

I joined Village East Gifted about a year ago. Since then, I have met many people like myself and learned so many valuable skills. I teach my ELA teacher vocabulary terms now. I can interpret the meanings of words in different languages because I know the Latin root words. Village East Gifted is probably one of the best places a gifted child could go to. There are so many amazing students and classes that are not only informational but fun. Suddenly learning SAT terms isn't boring. When I think of going to Village East Gifted it is a good feeling. I know that I'm among friends with a teacher that believes in me and supports me

Lane R - Dix Hills, NYMay 24, 2017

I wanted you to know how very appreciative I am of all you have done for my children and for me. That one of my children has earned a perfect score on the Math ELA is quite impressive to us. That one of her sibs has earned a perfect score on the English ELA is also impressive. That another of my children has earned the highest score on his high school "brain stormers" team, (on which he's the only freshman), and this while in competition at Yale, thrills us!

Nancy P - Muttontown, NYMay 21, 2017

My children have benefited tremendously from the incredible opportunities provided them at VEG (Village East Gifted). Thank you, Ms. P., for giving our children so much of yourself. You really have inspired them to be even more amazing!

Cindi L - Huntington, NYMay 16, 2017

Still believing that the greatest thing to happen to three of my children was their opportunity to participate in, and grow from, their experiences at VEG with you! I'm sure that their ability to think in smarter ways was enhanced by Village East Gifted. The transformative power of the VEG classroom (and all of outdoors...?) is remarkable!

Lane R - Huntington, NYMarch 28, 2017

Most remarkable, is that so many gifted students, of all ages, share this absolute certainty about the "rightness" for them, of what Village East Gifted offers. It's an extraordinarily unique and wonderful program. It is astounding that each of my so distinctively different gifted pre-teens, then teens, has felt so strongly positive. Each has, at some magical moment, echoed the proclamation of one, "VEG is my life!