Gifted Pre & Kindergarten (ages 4-5)
Phillips RBM Approach®
("Reawakening Brilliant Minds")

Our Educational Philosophy

Without equivocation, VEG is a place where individuality "trumps" normalcy celebrating the differences of its students and their unique ways of thinking. Continuously, the gifted participants enhance, direct or redirect every curriculum implemented.

"VEG "teaches up", not "down" to the level of its young scholars. Students never learn what they already know or encounter the same curriculum twice. Expectations are high and the paths of learning winding. If a student doesn't understand a word or concept used or introduced by a teacher or another student, it is his/her responsibility to ask for clarification. Every day, VEG students laugh out loud, ask questions they cannot answer, and often are heard whispering, with a smile, "This is really hard". The students' and teachers' response is always the same; "Welcome to Village East Gifted®!."

Through the years, VEG has become a "prototype society for higher learning": remarkable mind-expanding "rituals", competitive, "not-to-be-found-outside-the-box" academic games, Latin-derived, student-created vocabulary words, ("Neologists"… they call to themselves), their own system of measurement ("VEGs" which closely resemble inches), grammar and typographical sign language, and ways of seeing the world as a place in which everybody fits.

Once devoted VEG students "check in" to the program, they very seldom "check out" until they have evolved into well-rounded, intellectually satiated, creativity-driven, happy young adults. The VEG Alumni confidently leave their "learning place of unconditional acceptance" and continue their studies in the Ivy League colleges of their choice.

The Phillips RBM Approach® emphasizes that teaching the gifted and talented has to include the learner... whatever it takes; canyons of knowledge, student ideas, alternative points of view with creative teaching methodologies "concocted" by the VEG teacher and students. Challenging mind games, academic competitions and unconventional strategies for organizing brilliant minds are added to the "pot" along with seemingly, impossible tasks, humor and "brain food"… all consumed in a nurturing and inspiring environment. The noted side effects… cognitively enlightened, frequently perplexed (but blatantly content), academically fulfilled gifted students who keep coming back for more.

Program Overview

The Gifted Pre & Kindergarten is an intellectually and creatively rigorous program that is "100% Academic". Students can attend up to five half days a week; each day consisting of three hours of instruction. The program is held in both the Huntington and Roslyn locations.Through the utilization of the Phillips RBM Approach®, an accelerated gifted curriculum is presented covering all academic subjects.

Village East Gifted begins teaching its gifted learners at four years of age when learning comes easily and new knowledge is seldom forgotten. Through VEG's unique dialectical practices, our students learn to write and verbally articulate their complex thoughts before they have even mastered the written word. VEG teaches its students and their families to "never underestimate the abilities of gifted children".

All new lessons are introduced at the middle school level to determine our kindergartener's highest point of comprehension. Utilizing the Phillips RBM Approach®, our gifted learners are continuously refreshed, engaged, academically challenged and forever "entertained" by the unique "competition-style" of the classes. Though we provide ample seating, most of our students rarely sit down. There are wheels to spin, points to be earned and unique, strategic games in which to participate. There is always a sense of 'academic spontaneity' in the air… yet, our feet are firmly on the ground."

VEG lessons have "no walls" to help broaden the consciousness of each student. All program participants quickly evolve into 'academically satisfied' learners knowing that their questions have been answered, unique insights have been recognized and the complexity of their thought processes have been validated.

Village East Gifted educators are "highly-seasoned" professionals with over twenty years of teaching experience. They were 'sought out' and chosen to join the VEG staff because they were or are the "best teachers" in their districts. Yet, after decades of mastering their educational methodologies, our teachers were open to being extensively trained in the Phillips RBM Approach®. This unique teaching model "releases" them from the parochial style of instruction eliciting an in-depth analysis of new curriculum concepts, professional self-discovery, spontaneously differentiated lessons and the sharing of their individual areas of expertise about which they're most passionate.

Program Objectives

To utilize the Phillips RBM Approach®" to transform "academic complacency" into rigorous, engaging and creative academic participation.

To facilitate the constant, self-discovery and mastery of academic, cognitive and creative challenges beyond the walls of the typical classroom.

To demonstrate the importance of gifted kindergartner's quantifiable gains in scholastic performance at a young age, leading to future academic satisfaction and intrapersonal confidence as a gifted adult.

To teach gifted kindergartners academic content that appears to be beyond their reach, but is comprehendible with hard work and perseverance.

To redesign lessons, even at a moment's notice, to accommodate any child's spontaneous ideology or seemly-unrelated insight.

To reinforce the mastery of basic and advanced grammar, syntax and writing through public speaking and dialectical practices.

To promote the freedom of expression, the sharing of epiphanies and the welcoming of unlimited questions... related and unrelated to the topic at hand.

To introduce concepts and skills in the same curriculum areas that will be taught in the middle school and high school.

To enlighten gifted kindergarteners by teaching them how to think "laterally" constantly considering alternatives that challenge their perceptions and pre-conceptions.

To encourage cooperative learning amongst gifted peers emphasizing the importance of maintaining lifelong friendships with other "intellectually-vibrant" students.

To ensure that VEG is always a "soft place to fall" with the unconditional acceptance of the individual differences.

To preserve our gifted students' burning love for learning that we vow never to extinguish.

Core Curriculum

(Offered to all VEG students in Grades N-12)

The following curriculum areas are taught verbally and uses continuous sight words, visual clues, art, music, computers and creative movement: World Geography, Global History, Reading Comprehension, Etymology, Latin, Journalism, Grammar, Editing, American Sign Language, Mastering the Digital Microscope, Current Events, Historiology, Counting Currency, Decoding words, Microbiology, Living Science, Earth Science, Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Word Processing, Creative Problem-Solving, Computer Graphics, Creative Writing, Vocabulary Enrichment and Public Speaking.

The lessons include: 30 SAT vocabulary words; definitions, usage, 64 Latin word roots; definitions, word decoding and dialectical sentence construction, Editing, revision, punctuation, research strategies and data collection, Grammar, idea sequencing, Syntax, parts of speech, Periodic Table of Elements: memorization and element study, Geography: Equator, Prime Meridian, hemispheres, cardinal and intermediate directions, continents, oceans, borders and countries of North America, Central America, South America, Europe and capital cities, Math: numeration, geometry, patterning, skip counting, comparisons, greater/less than, problem-solving, place value, addition and subtraction, partial mastery of multiplication, place value (ones, tens, hundreds), money and value, telling time, fractions (½ ¼ , ¾), World History: Nomads, gods of Egypt, hieroglyphics and cuneiform, mummies, pyramids, Sumerian Dictator, Jewish people, Hammurabi Code, Babylonians.

Participants can also sign up for a STEAM class or Art Workshop.

To learn more about the STEAM classes, go to:

To learn more about the ART classes, go to:

Research Topics

» Advanced Essay Writing» Advanced Linguistics» Advanced Vocabulary Enrichment» Anatomy and Physiology» Animal Studies» Applied Geometry» Archeological Studies» Architecture» Building& Model-Making» Braille Transcription» Business & Entrepreneurship» SAT & College Preparatory Studies» College Essays 101» Communication Alternatives» Community Awareness» Complex Grammar/Syntax Applications» Computer Art and Graphic Design» Corporate Decision Making» Creative Cognitive Imaging» Creative Writing» Critical Thinking and Problem-Analysis» Debate and Argumentation» Earth Science» Economics» Environmental Studies» Effective Reasoning» European Art & Architecture» Existentialism & Metaphysics» Factual Game Creations» Fame & Misfortune» Famous Philosophers» Forensics/CSI» Gems & Jewels» Graphic Art and Design» Hands-On Statistics» History of Cinema» Infamous World Events» Innovative Problem-Solving» Integrated Mathematics» International Studies» Journalism» Latin and Greek Word Roots» Law & Mock Trials» Legendary Short Stories» Literary Analysis & Reflections» Living Science» Writing Lyrics & Poetry» Mac Music & Graphic Designs» Marine Biology» Mathematical Problem-Solving» Math & Structural Design» Medical Studies» Morality and Values» Multi-Media Presentations» Musical Story Tellers» National Academic Competitions» Odyssey of the Mind Competition» Paleontology» Performing Arts» Personal Interests Workshops» Political Science» Power of Healing» Power-Point Presentations» Renowned Artists» Research, Reports and Study Secrets» Scientific Mysteries» Spatial Estimation & Design» Studio Art: Mixed Media» Tactile Map Making» The Art of Culinary Design» The Art of Marketing» Understanding the Brain» Unpredictable Acts of Nature» Underwater Archeology

Life After Gifted Pre & Kindergarten

The Continuous Writing Curriculum

After completing the Gifted Pre & Kindergarten Program, VEG's innovative, "Dialectical Practices" Levels 1-4 "subliminally" teaches proper grammar, punctuation, accurate word usage, syntax, spelling, organizational strategies along with a comprehensive editing component. Approximately 175 rules for usage and methods of grammar, punctuation and syntax are covered.

Once the students have mastered Levels 1-4, the interdisciplinary enrichment curriculum continues to introduce new topics while teaching ways of "unraveling" the gifted students' innovative ideas, concepts and newly-learned facts into coherent and sequential written reports, oral presentations, reflective essays, news articles and short stories. In-depth, detailed analyses of effective literary methodologies are covered helping the students to create perfect sentences every time.

Gifted Pre & Kindergarten Program

Huntington and Roslyn Facilities

Ms. Phillips, the Executive Director of VEG, is doctoral certified in Instructional Technology from Columbia University, and is committed to providing the highest of technology to the students. Every participant has access to the most updated, state-of-the-art desktop and laptop computers, (Macs and PCs), iPad Airs, "anywhere interactive" whiteboards, digital microscope(s), computer projection systems, a 5,000 book library and "soft places to fall" where its students can work in groups or independently.

Entrance Requirements

Parents must:

• Provide test scores of an I.Q. of 130 or higher and/or 90th percentile or higher on achievement tests.
• Submit a letter of recommendation from their child's current nursery school teacher and/or headmaster indicating the child's appropriateness for a rigorous, fast-paced gifted program-- academically, cognitively, emotionally and socially.
• Make an appointment for a interview and/or VEG Curriculum Assessment to determine whether or not the child can handle the academic rigor and pace at which the program is implemented.


Program Details

Dates: September 7-December 23, 2016
Days: Monday through Friday
8:00 AM – 11:00 AM Huntington
11:00 PM – 2:00 PM Huntington
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM Roslyn
Tuition: $105 per day (3 hours)
Village East Gifted's "Rolling Admissions" allows participants to register any time throughout the school year.

How To Apply

1. Go to Online Registration and complete the registration form in its entirety. Any information left out might delay the registration process.

2. If you would like to register your child as a new student, you will be contacted by phone after your registration is received to arrange a phone interview or program evaluation.

About Tuition Payments

An Early Full Pay 5% Discount is applied to tuition payments for Fall/Spring 2015-2016 if received by June 1, 2015. Standard tuition rates apply to payments received on or after June 1, 2015. A payment plan is offered allowing VEG families to make partial payments by the due dates provided.

All siblings and military families receive a 20% discount.

Making a Tuition Payment

Go to the Class Payments page classes. Tuition payments are only accepted on the website via PayPal or a major credit card. Checks are not accepted.

The tuition is $35 per hour or $105 per half day (3 hours). You can select the program up to five half days a week. Weekly tuition will vary depending on the number of calendar days and holidays.

Please select the weeks that your child will be attending beginning with the first class of attendance. Random weeks cannot be selected. For example, if your child cannot begin until week 2, select weeks 2-20. If your child enrolls in the middle of the semester beginning week 8, select weeks 8-20.

To register another child, repeat the same steps.

Refunds are not given for missed classes. If the VEG schedule and space permits, your child can attend another GPK class in Huntington on a different day of the week. If he/she is attending GPK five days a week, a make up a class can be attended at the VEG of Roslyn location on a Thursday from 2:30 to 5:30 PM in a Nursery-Grade 1 VEG After School Enrichment Class.

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