Our Curriculum


The Village East Gifted curriculum is trademarked and patented containing continuously-modified lessons in all academic subjects which are NEVER repeated. If a student has already learned any part of the curriculum presented in the class, the teachers immediately present another VEG curriculum. Students who have been in the program for ten years have never encountered the same lesson twice.

Classes are formed based on each participant's grade level, academic performance and social/emotional development. Students can register for one semester at a time or for the whole school year. Though there is a maximum of 15 students per class, the average class size is 9-12 students. It is recommended that all participants remain in the program for at least two academic years. Most participants remain in the program for 3-5 years. Students can sign up for 1-2 CORE or Pre-CORE classes per week. Writing workshops are open to all students as often as they wish.


The Pre-CORE curriculum, for ages 2-3, covers the following "simplified" components of the CORE curriculum: SAT/ACT vocabulary, Latin word roots, early reading skills, geography, sign language, biology activities, earth science, meteorology, early math concepts, basic geometry, dialectical writing, "hands-on" grammar, lateral thinking, early logic, time concepts, spatial reasoning, blueprint patterning, memory development, and a unique, foundational architectural curriculum.

CORE (AGES 4-15)

The CORE (all subjects) curriculum, for ages 4-15, includes instruction in the following content areas: writing and grammar, linguistics, Latin, social studies, SAT/ACT vocabulary, orthography, global studies, geography, public speaking, science, economics, civil engineering, anatomy and physiology, mathematics, civil engineering, entrepreneurship, STREAM, creative problem-solving, research and study skills, and American Sign Language.


The Instructional Writing Workshops, for ages 5-15, ensure that the students are correctly integrating what they learned in the CORE class into their writing samples. Participants, of all ages, are brought "back to basics" by rebuilding their skills one-word-at-a-time. Students are taught strategies for organizing their thoughts and transposing them into grammatically-correct and non-repetitive sentences that more closely resemble the profound depth of their minds and emotions. Skill areas covered include: grammar, syntax, orthography, structured brainstorming, collaborative writing, advanced vocabulary building and integration, fine editing, idea sequencing and summarization, data research and collection, essay writing, creative writing, journalism and factual content reports. Improvement can be easily identified after the first class.


STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) is integrated into the CORE curriculum as well as offered as 3-4-5 day workshops over the summer. Topics include: earth science, microbiology, virology, anatomy/physiology, meteorology, zoology, bio medical Art, mathematics, geology, gemology, underwater archeology, international business, civil engineering, entrepreneurship, STEAM professions, architecture, geometry, physics, chemistry, and pre-med studies