Rate my teacher

Teacher's Name:

Tobi J. Phillips, Ed. D. (Cert.), founder of Village East Gifted (VEG)

Saabir - Grade 7

I give her "8 stars=Amazing". Ms. P is my favorite teacher and is extremely amazing at teaching!

Stephen - Grade 8

She really knows how to teach us. Because of her knowledge, I have enjoyed learning many things including sign language, vocabulary, world geography and foreign languages.

Giuliana - Grade 5

Ms. P is nice and teaches us SAT words, geography and advanced verbs and adjectives.

Jordan - Grade 7

I think Ms. P is excellent because she has a fun teaching method that appeals to how I learn.
She's funny, smart and helps me learn at a good pace in new and unique ways.

Noah - Grade 6

Sagacious Ms. P teaches how to use and remember words forever. She also has an amazing sense of humor which makes me abundantly risible.

Chloe - Grade 8

She is kind, loving and informative. She excels at teaching by embracing our originality (She lets me write about axolotls way too much!). She also has great ideas for class projects. She is spectacular.

Ryan - Grade 8

Ms P lets us have fun and use our imagination for everything.

Brielle - Grade 7

Ms. P is such an excellent teacher because she makes learning fun and we never do the same things here that we do in school.

Samantha - Grade 7

Ms. P is an extremely good teacher and I enjoy her style of creatively teaching us new things.

Henry - Grade 6

Ms. P is very interactive and always has an energetic and positive attitude during class. I have been in her class for almost 2 years and she has remained one of my favorite teachers ever. (That is including all teachers I have ever had, not just teachers in this program.)

Ava - Grade 5

She is a great teacher. She teaches us an abundant amount of information and advanced curriculum in a unique way.

Alex - Grade 6

Ms. P is very unique and I like all the activities she does with us.

Saabir - Grade 7

I give her "8 stars=Amazing"! Ms. P is my favorite teacher and is extremely amazing at teaching!

Brooke - Grade 6

She is an extraordinary teacher who is passionate about teaching and takes pride and joy in helping us learn. I'm so glad I have her as a teacher. I've never met a teacher that was so involved and unique… in a good way!

Annissa - Grade 7

She is an excellent teacher because she teaches us ways to remember things. And she is really nice.., which is important, too!

Soham - Grade 6

She is amazing!

Jordan - Grade 5

Village East gifted is excellent because it is so much fun. I have been taught good learning tools and so much about grammar and writing that my school work has improved.

Sophie - Grade 5

Ms. P is nice and not strict. She teaches SAT words, advanced verbs and other things that are fun. I LOVE this class!

(Mom) Arjun - Grade 3

This is the only class my son will never want to miss.

Lance - Grade 4

She makes learning fun. I think this is important because if it was boring, I wouldn't want to do it.

Arjun - Grade 3

I like this class because it is interesting, fun and we learn a lot! I think Village East Gifted makes us even smarter. Ms. P, you are an outstanding teacher!

Uma - Grade 7

She constantly encourages us and always lets us be our "crazy" selves. And she comes up with fun activities to help us learn. She is the best gifted program teacher I have ever had.

Yaseen - Grade 5

She is an excellent teacher because, unlike most of my teachers, she is fun and always makes difficult things easy to learn.

(Mother) Chandler - Grade 2

Since the first day, my son has been challenged and experiencing levels of education unfound in any curriculums we've seen. Very transformative and a tremendous help in getting our son to perform at a very high-level.

Hayaa - Grade 8

I give her 7 stars! She is fantabulous! Ms. P is different from most of the other teachers I've had in the sense that she is hands-on and has a unique approach to learning that I haven't encountered before. And when I say different, it's a good kind of different!

Omid - Grade 6

She is outstanding and teaches us so many different ways to learn. I'm very disappointed to have to go through the entire week without Village East Gifted.

Sienna - Grade 6

A spectacular teacher who teaches new things every week. If I didn't go to VEG, my week would be extremely insipid. She makes learning fun and is the perfect teacher. Without her, VEG wouldn't be the same. Overall, Ms. P couldn't be better.