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Village East Gifted (VEG) offers an academically-rigorous CORE curriculum, covering all subjects, to gifted students ages 2-15. Its trademarked teaching methodology, the Phillips RBM Approach®, is non-linear, highly-creative and intellectually-challenging with a strong emphasis on the perfection of the written word.

Our Programs

Village East Gifted (VEG) believes that gifted toddlers are like "old souls". They understand concepts beyond their years.

Through VEG's unique dialectical practices, our students learn to verbally articulate their complex thoughts before they have even mastered the written word.

Instructional Writing, for ages 5-15, ensure that the students are correctly integrating what they learned in the CORE class into their writing samples. Participants, of all ages, are brought "back to basics" by rebuilding their skills … one-word-at-a-time.

Classes encourage the students to draw on the "natural connections between scientific and engineering methods to engage them in a more technical exploration of traditional science lessons.

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We have seen seismic change in our son since he started at Village East Gifted.
My children's breadth of knowledge is absolutely attributable to their work at Village East Gifted.
I am truly amazed by the development of my daughter's vocabulary and writing skills at such a young age.
My son is thrilled to be surrounded by other highly gifted children who encourage and support one another.
My son has been challenged and experiencing levels of education unfound in any curriculums we've seen.
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