Program Overview


Village East Gifted (VEG), celebrating its "17th Year of Academic Excellence", offers a highly-creative, academically-rigorous curriculum, in all academic subjects, for gifted students ages 2-15. Weekly classes are held during the day (ages 2-5), after school (grades K-10) and on the weekends (grades 2-10) between September and June.


  • To captivate its students by academically and creatively challenging them and providing a unique and stimulating learning environment

  • To present curriculum in all subject areas to "spark" new interests or uncover hidden talents

  • To ensure that students, even after years in the program, never encounter the same curriculum twice.

  • To offer a combination of "horizontal" enrichment" and "vertical acceleration" to accommodate the students' needs on all levels.

  • To endorse the importance of writing proficiency and effective public speaking through mastering the rules of proper grammar and syntax.

  • To adapt its curriculum according to each student's developmental level and intellectual abilities by the ongoing differentiation of instruction.

  • To assist its students in developing the sensitivity necessary to appropriately integrate this program and its curriculum into their homes, classrooms and social settings.


Through the years, VEG has become a "prototype society" for higher learning providing remarkable, mind-expanding experiences through its Phillips RBM (Reawakening Brilliant Minds) Approach®. This trademarked teaching methodology offers non-linear, highly creative and intellectually-challenging lessons with a strong emphasis on the perfection of the written word.

The lessons are presented at the high school level to ages 4-16 and adapted after determining the highest level of comprehension in each class. Without equivocation, VEG is a place where "individuality" trumps "commonality" celebrating the differences of its students and their unique ways of thinking. There is always a sense of academic spontaneity in the air… yet, its foundations are "firmly on the ground."


The CORE (all-subjects) curriculum (for ages 4-15) covers the following content areas: writing and grammar, linguistics, Latin, social studies, SAT/ACT vocabulary, orthography, global studies, geography, public speaking, science, world history, anatomy and physiology, mathematics, business, STEAM, creative problem-solving, research and study skills, and American Sign Language. In addition, writing workshops are offered after each CORE class to ensure that the students are integrating the writing skills they learned in the VEG classroom into assignments outside of the program.

The Pre-CORE Curriculum (for ages 2-3) prepares its very young students for the CORE curriculum by introducing microlessons of every subject area even before they have learned to read or write. Skills are taught through dialect and creative, interactive activities to ensure that its participants are continuously engaged, academically-challenged and creatively bustling with new ideas.

The Pre-CORE and CORE curriculum are continuous and always changing. Students will NEVER learn the same lesson twice. Curriculum Demonstrations are held each semester, for grades K-10, during the last week of classes, allowing VEG families to see how and what the students have been learning.


VEG's new Daytime Schooling implements an all-subject curriculum (for ages 4-15) to help supplement the inconsistent educational experience during this COVID-19 pandemic. Classes are offered in-person or via Zoom between 9 and 4 PM. Students must show proof of advanced academic proficiency in order to qualify. Lessons are 1 to 3 years above grade level. Classes cover all academic subjects with a strong emphasis on writing proficiency. Students can also attend classes after school, in the evenings or on the weekends. The daytime schooling schedule is based on the local district and private school attendance requirements and our teachers' availability.
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For a curriculum overview, go to: Our Curriculum.


Village East Gifted, located at 33 Walt Whitman Rd., Huntington Station, NY 11746, offers the following daytime and evening classes seven days a week:
  • Pre-CORE (ages 2–3)

  • CORE (grades N-10)

  • WRITING Workshops (grades K-10)

  • STUDY SKILLS (grades 6-10)

  • DAYTIME SCHOOLING (grades N-10)

  • PRIVATE Enrichment (ages 2-15)

Class Schedule

There are two semesters:
Semester 1 (September 9 - January 31)
Semester 2 (February 1 - June 15)

During Semesters 1 (Fall) and 2 ( Spring), students attend 2-3 hour classes (in-person or via Zoom), 1-3 times a week. VEG offers rolling admissions allowing participants to enroll at any time during the school year with the exception of the last four weeks of each semester.

For the 2023-2024 Weekly Class Schedule, go to: https://www.villageeastgifted.com/weekly-class-schedule-2023-2024/
For the VEG School Year 2023-2024 Calendar, go to: https://www.villageeastgifted.com/weekly-class-schedule-2023-2024/


Classroom Protocol:

• An electrostatic sanitizing machine is used to eradicate germs from the air and surfaces.

• Medical Grade HEPA Air Purifiers are located throughout both VEG facilities.

• A steam sanitizing machine is used on all the floors.

• Every student will have his/her digital temperature taken, by the teacher before entering the classroom.

• If a child has any symptoms of illness, they are not permitted inside the classroom.

• Upon entering the classroom, every student must first wash their hands before joining the class.

• All door handles, faucets, tables and chairs are cleaned with antibacterial wipes before and after each class.

• These procedures will stay in place until further notice.

If A Student Comes to Class With A Fever:

If, before entering VEG, a student's digital temperature reading (which is 1 to 2° lower on our thermometers) is over 99°, s/he will not be permitted to enter the VEG premises. That child may attend the class via zoom that day. The child's parent must submit a negative Covid-19 test result before the child can return as an in-person participant. If a child is having symptoms but the test is negative, s/he must attend the next class via Zoom and then return in-person the following week. For example: If a child has temperature or COVID symptoms on the class day of October 1, they would attend via Zoom on October 1 and October 8, and then return as an in-person participants on October 15.

When A Student Tests Positive for COVID-19:

If a student tests positive for COVID-19 after attending a VEG class, the parent must contact Ms. Phillips immediately. That student and his/her classmates will be contacted and must attend the next class via zoom or wait two weeks before returning as an in person participant. .


All VEG Educators are master teachers with at least 25 years of teaching experience. VEG Alumni are hired to assist the teachers and serve as role models for the students.


Prospective students in grades 2-10 must have an IQ of 130+ and/or in the 90th % or higher on state tests. Students can be accepted (Ages 2-10) without an IQ test if the executive director, after an interview and curriculum assessment, recommends admissions.


The tuition for Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 classes is $78 per hour. Private instruction, by appointment only, is $200 an hour.
Early pay discounts, payment plans, sibling/military discounts and financial assistance are available to qualifying families.