Student Qualifications

Below outlines the student qualifications by grade. Please Contact Us with any questions.

Grades Pre-K-1

If requested by Village East Gifted, a student evaluation form must be completed by his/her classroom teacher.

A student interview will be scheduled at Village East Gifted to determine if the student is functioning significantly above grade level in more than one academic area and is already showing the characteristics of a gifted learner.

The student applicant must actively engage for 15 minutes (with or without a parent) in a Village East Gifted" Pre-K-1"class.

Grades 2-12

Proof of the child's acceptance to a local public or private school gifted or enrichment program is required in most cases.

The parents must provide their child's achievement tests and IQ scores that identify
"giftedness".(As determined by Village East Gifted)

"Undiscovered" Gifted Students

A student interview will be scheduled to determine whether or not he/she is capable of contributing positively in a class with other gifted students and would benefit from a rigorous, interdisciplinary, highly creative academically–based enrichment program.

The VEG Student Evaluation Form must be completed by the current classroom teacher and brought to the interview.

Village East Gifted (VEG) will recommend that the student applicant observe and/or actively participate in a Village East Gifted VEG) class.