Corporate Missions

Long Island holds a significant amount of children with superior intellectual abilities and exceptional talents. Parents find themselves searching for a gifted program that will meet their children's needs. Village East Gifted, with locations in Nassau and Suffolk counties, has over 1000 students enrolled in its programs coming from 100 different school districts and private schools. Its corporate missions are listed below and involve the academic and social/emotional needs of its students as well as fostering the importance of creativity. We strive to make every class, for every student, challenging, enlightening, captivating and hopefully... irresistible.

Academic Mission

To provide a comfortable and stimulating learning environment facilitating creativity and intellectual growth.

To present curriculum in all subject areas to help develop new interests and skills.

To utilize teaching strategies that facilitate high level critical thinking, analytical problem-solving and the importance of using creativity and lateral thinking to derive new ideas and innovative solutions.

To offer a combination of "horizontal" enrichment" and "vertical acceleration" to accommodate the students' needs on many levels.

To endorse the importance of writing proficiency through mastering the rules of proper grammar and syntax.

To adapt its curriculum according to each student's development level and intellectual abilities by the ongoing differentiation of instruction

To "unveil" the infinite amounts of information gifted students can retain and teach strategies for "unraveling" their ideas into organized, coherent and sequential writing samples, class presentations and cooperative projects.

To promote the discovery of each student's individual methods of critically examining, formulating and assessing new information.

To propose and implement challenging, open-ended and creative lessons.

Social/Emotiomal Mission

To acknowledge and discuss the fact that gifted students see the world differently because of their complex minds and unique depth of their emotions.

To encourage positive social interaction between other gifted students who also possess high level skills and talents that are different from their own.

To foster self-realization and personal growth by challenging each student mentally, academically, artistically, socially and morally.

To discuss and validate the difficulty gifted students often have conforming to the traditional ways of education and social interactions.

To teach students how to analyze and evaluate the opinions of others and judge the merit of new ideas.

To search for and help develop each student's unique talents and interests in any area that excites and motivates them to continue learning.

To help students develop the sensitivity necessary to appropriately integrate this program and its curriculum into their classrooms, homes, social life and future ambitions