Curriculum Approach

The Gifted Child: An Academic Overview

As our gifted students reach the fifth grade, they are often faced with issues unlike those of their peers. Until this point in their education, many of our students have been able to quickly comprehend and retain the information taught in their classroom without any effort and are usually several steps ahead of the rest of the students in the class. They haven't needed to "study" for tests and could easily "get by" without learning effective study skills, organizational strategies or methods of research.

As they approach middle school, there is often a "rude awakening": they now have seven teachers and every course is held in a different classroom. Additionally, a multitude of subject areas, each introducing different material, require class participation (not an issue for gifted students) as well as outside assignments each day; this is where "giftedness" can become a challenge to "overcome". Because of their high level of analytical thinking and remarkable depth of understanding, gifted students may no longer be able to process and organize their complex thoughts effectively. VEG addresses this situation by offering private enrichment on a weekly basis. Students come to VEG, with their "once filled" binders (inside their overloaded backpacks) and learn how to organize their assignments and weekly agendas. Without equivocation, our students are over-qualified for their classes. Yet… their brains have difficulty sorting out their infinite ideas, insights and newly learned subject material. VEG teaches each middle school student, individually, strategies for regaining a sense of mastery of both the mind and the backpack.

Village East Gifted (VEG) provides its gifted and talented high school students intricate subject material and multifaceted projects that are equivalent to those given to undergraduate college students. These "VEG-Senior" courses, created by Village East Gifted, extract facts and highly-developed concepts from college syllabuses, required college textbooks, literature and professional journals. Additionally, Village East Gifted offers an extensive "pre-med" curriculum that allows students to study anatomy, pathology, medical terminology and specialty areas of medicine that might be a career choice in the near future. Many of our VEG parents are physicians and often give presentations about their field of medicine. Our facilities in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties have "state-of-the-art" digital microscopes and video/sound equipment giving our students the opportunity to study unique specimens in the field of microbiology and/or pursue interests in photography, videography and filmmaking.

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