Long Island Gifted Programs

Looking for Long Island gifted programs? Is your school district meeting your gifted child's needs? Are you searching for an afterschool or weekend gifted program that will stimulate your child intellectually and creatively? Village East Gifted (VEG), founded in 2007 by Tobi J. Phillips, Ed. D.(cert.), is the only Long Island gifted programs that has classes during the school day, afterschool, evenings and weekends.

About our Long Island gifted programs:

has over 900 students ages 2-16

consists of students from more than 50 school districts and private schools in both Nassau and Suffolk counties, Queens and Manhattan.

is comprised of gifted and talented students that have scored in the 90th percentile or higher on national achievement tests with IQ's scores generally between 130 and 150.

is one of the few Long Island gifted programs offering private enrichment as well as classes to gifted preschoolers, homeschooled children, public and private school gifted students as well as gifted students preparing for college admissions exams.

Compared to other Long Island gifted programs, Village East Gifted offers:

small classes and private instruction all year round

introduces new gifted curriculum topics every semester...no lesson is ever repeated.

two-three hour classes that meet once a week.

student-teacher ratio is approximately 10:1.

a unique blend of advanced academic topics, cultural studies, creative thinking and competitive activities.

fosters positive working relationships with other gifted students through challenging, interactive and cooperative research projects

Gifted Programs Long Island NY

The curriculum units taught:

Are created and written solely by Village East Gifted

Include a writing component emphasizing the importance of proper grammar

Reinforce the importance of thought organization and sequencing

Use highly-creative and unique approaches for stimulating its students

Village East Gifted recognizes that:

most gifted students can retain more facts and ideologies than their 'same-grade' peers making it more difficult to 'unveil' their thoughts on paper in a coherent and sequential format

when teaching gifted students, the curriculum should not put the 'cart before the horse' and teach advanced enrichment material without continually reinforcing the importance of proper grammar, syntax, editing, thought organization and idea sequencing.

VEG believes that Long Island gifted programs should focus more on "mastery of the rules and nuances of the English language' as a key component in unraveling brilliant minds", states founder and president of Village East Gifted, Tobi J. Phillips, Ed.D. (cert.).

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