Long Island Home Schooling Programs

Looking for Long Island Home schooling programs for gifted children?

Does your gifted child need enrichment during the day after she/he has been homeschooled? Or does your homeschooler need an enrichment program that will further stimulate your child intellectually and creatively? Village East Gifted (VEG), founded in 2006 by Tobi J. Phillips, Ed. D.(cert.), is one of the few Long Island home schooling programs that holds private and class instruction for gifted home schooled children during the school day, afterschool, evenings and on weekends.

VEG compared to other Long Island Home schooling programs:

the one of the only Long Island Home schooling programs that holds small classes and private instruction for gifted students all year round

has a small gifted student-teacher ratio

is one of the only Long Island Home schooling programs offering private enrichment as well as classes to gifted home schooled students of all ages including preschoolers, elementary and high school students.

offers free guidance and support to VEG parents who want to enhance their home schooling curriculum with enrichment classes and/or private enrichment.

provides assistance in preparing home schooled gifted students for public or private schools

General information about our Long Island Home schooling programs:

has over 340 enrolled students in grades pre-kindergarten through high school

consists of home schooled students as well as students from more than twenty-five school districts and private schools in both Nassau and Suffolk counties, Queens and Manhattan.

is comprised of gifted and talented students that have scored in the 90th percentile or higher on national achievement tests with IQ's scores generally between 130 and 160.

introduces new gifted curriculum topics, solely written by VEG, every six to eight weeks.

holds two-three hour classes that meet once a week.

has a facility with 20 computers (one computer for each child), lasar printers, state-of-the-art digital microscopes, infrared interactive white boards and 2,000 books in its library for students to use in class or take home

The Village East Gifted Long Island Home schooling programs and private enrichment program teaches accelerated curriculum units that are least two grade levels above the student's current grade

Home Schooling Programs Long Island NY

Program Highlights:

The Village East Gifted Long Island Home schooling programs with classes and private enrichment sessions constantly change its curriculum based on the dynamics and academic proficiency of each class or student

a unique blend of advanced academic topics, cultural studies, creative thinking, competitive activities, and international academic competitions

awards scholarships to carefully selected, currently enrolled VEG home-schooled students whose parents can no longer pay tuition

offers a combination of "horizontal" enrichment" and "vertical acceleration" to accommodate the needs of academically advanced home schooled children.

fosters positive working relationships with other gifted students in their communities through challenging, interactive cooperative research projects

The Village East Gifted Long Island Home schooling programs and private sessions begin on January 18, 2012. Contact Us today to schedule an interview.