Odyssey of the Mind

"The Odyssey of the Mind teaches students to learn creative problem-solving methods while having fun in the process. For more than twenty five years, this unique program has helped teachers generate excitement in their students. By tapping into creativity, and through encouraging imaginative paths to problem-solving, students learn skills that will provide them with the ability to solve problems -- great and small -- for a lifetime. The Odyssey of the Mind teaches students how to think divergently by providing open-ended problems that appeal to a wide range of interests. Students learn how to identify challenges and to think creatively to solve those problems. They are free to express their ideas and suggestions without fear of criticism. The creative problem-solving process rewards thinking "outside of the box." While conventional thinking has an important place in a well-rounded education, students need to learn how to think creatively and productively."(1)
(1)Odyssey of the Mind web site @ http://www.odysseyofthemind.com/learn_more.php

"The Odyssey of the Mind is truly a worldwide competition. Participants include teams from Argentina, Australia, Belarus, Canada, China, Czech Republic, DoDDS Europe, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Mexico, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Korea, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, and practically every state in the U.S. The annual Odyssey of the Mind World Finals is an event to behold. It embodies the international spirit of creativity!"(2)
(2) Odyssey of the Mind web site @ http://www.odysseyofthemind.com/learn_more.php

Every other year, Village East Gifted brings teams to the Odyssey of The Mind Long Island Competition. Each VEG team is given five months to derive a "solution performance" based on a particular long term problem. Problem-solving classes, coaching sessions and rehearsals are held each week. All new students must qualify for the Village East Gifted after-school enrichment program in order to join a team. Students must also be enrolled in at least one other Village East Gifted after-school enrichment class in order to participate.

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To learn more about this competition, visit the Odyssey of the Mind web site @ www.odysseyofthemind.com and locate Odyssey of the Mind Long Island.