Private Enrichment Tutoring

Ages 2-5

Many parents can detect "giftedness" before their child turns three years old.
Other families frequently miss the "signs" of giftedness and attempt to enroll their child in a mainstream pre-school program. After a short period of time, (sometimes a day), some parents suddenly realize that their child is "different" from their peers. His/her academic performance surpasses most, if not all, of their other classmates. "Seasoned" or experienced pre-school teachers will also recognize these characteristics. Hopefully, they will contact you and ask for a meeting to discuss your child's needs. This is when the "search" begins... looking for a program or school district on Long Island that will give your child what he/she needs. Until a gifted child reaches kindergarten, Village East Gifted provides private tutoring sessions to help supplement or replace his/her mainstream pre-school program. Enrichment tutoring sessions can be up to three hours in duration at an hourly rate.

Grades K-2

Once a gifted child reaches kindergarten, academically, they are often ready for second grade. VEG teaches these children, on a weekly basis, curriculum units that are usually two grade levels above their current grade. Tutoring sessions are held after school and in the evenings and can be up to three hours in duration.

Grades 3 and above

Village East Gifted Enrichment Tutoring can be defined literally as," enrichment" and "tutoring". Many of our gifted students need continuous, advanced subject matter on a private basis. Some, often times with exceedingly high intelligence, need strategies to help "sort out" their thoughts and ideas. Organizing and sequencing their ideas with facts can be, often times, overwhelming for them. VEG teaches them how to put what's inside their heads "on paper" in a coherent and "grammatically correct" format. Each lesson is designed based upon the child's aptitude, interests and academic level.