STREAM Project-Based Group Workshops

During July-August 2021, Village East Gifted is offering STREAM project-based workshops in-person and via Zoom in science, technology, math, engineering, medical science, and art… all combined with instructional writing. Since many gifted students dislike writing and LOVE science and math, proper grammar, syntax, orthography, advanced vocabulary, and organizational strategies are "surreptitiously" incorporated into their projects.

Private Enrichment By Appointment

Private Enrichment allows students to select their own topics of interest before the workshop begins, and a curriculum is created based on their academic level and duration of the sessions.

Private Instructional Writing

Private instruction in writing is offered so participants can "painlessly" improve their writing skills through creative projects that are differentiated based on their interests and academic competency. Similar to the STREAM Project-Based Group Workshops, it is designed for students who may dislike writing and LOVE science and math. Proper grammar, syntax, orthography, advanced vocabulary, and organizational strategies are "surreptitiously" incorporated into their projects.

Group Workshop Schedule

For information about our summer workshops, send an email to info@villageeastgifted.com.

How to Enroll Your Child

1. If your child is a prospective VEG student, complete this New Student Application: https://www.villageeastgifted.com/new-student-application/

2. To receive workshop descriptions, email info@villageeastgifted.com.

3. For payment instructions, email info@villageeastgifted.com.

4. To schedule private enrichment sessions, email info@villageeastgifted.com.

Our Facilities

Village East Gifted of Huntington
33 Walt Whitman Road, Suite 111
Huntington Station, NY 11746

Village East Gifted of Roslyn
216 Mineola Avenue
Roslyn Heights, NY 11577

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