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Written Testimonials
Monet D - Sayville, NYAugust 17, 2019

My son began attending VEG in 2018. This has been by far one of the best decisions/investments we've made for him. Our son expresses that he feels very "different" in school. This lead him to feel very isolated which then manifested as anger and sadness at times.

We discovered VEG when looking for something that he could do with kids that shared his interests. His father received positive feedback from a coworker who's children had all attended the VEG program and still talk about it (even now that they are in their latter high school years).

After the first session, we noticed an instant positive change in our son's self esteem. He was eager to share everything that he learned. As he continued throughout the year he repeatedly expressed how grateful he is to be a student at VEG.

The curriculum is clearly very well thought out and designed for children similar to my son.

As a parent of an academically gifted child, I have learned that one of the most challenging things to overcome is remembering that although our son is extremely bright and is able to see the world in a way that is more mature than his peers (and many adults)...he is in fact still 9. He is still a child and wants to have fun. He wants to feel accepted and celebrated for his accomplishments. At VEG he gets this. Striking the right balance between stimulating the mind of the gifted child and still allowing them to be a child is not an easy task.

Well done Village East Gifted! Thank you Tobi Phillips for creating such and exceptional program. Your work is making for an even brighter tomorrow with each child your program reaches.

PhoenX G - NY, NYJuly 24, 2019

I highly recommend Village East Gifted. I feel truly blessed to have found them. They have a huge course selection and 2 locations. My kiddo absolutely loves it there and looks forward to going every week for more "brain food". If you're looking for gifted resources look no further. I hope my child grows up through this program for years to come!

Tommy G - Freeport, NYJuly 24, 2019

Let's talk about how incredible Village East Gifted is!!! I couldn't be happier to have found a place that my daughter can fully express herself, be herself, be challenged and enjoy learning. There aren't enough resources for gifted children in general but once you start at VEG, you'll realize it's a Gold Mine!!! Thank you Tobi for what you've created and all that you do!!!

Michael C - Huntington, NYJuly 12, 2019

Amazing! My son can't wait to go to Village East each week! We all love it!

Michael Cooney - Hicksville, NYJuly 12, 2019

Amazing! My son can't wait to go to Village East each week! We all love it!

Lisa Gobbi - St. James,, NYJanuary 01, 2019

We are abundantly thankful to have our son enrolled in Village East Gifted program. We have seen our child soar to new heights of learning that he was not receiving in his standard school curriculum. Our 9yr old son presented an entrepreneurial business plan regarding what it takes to start up a restaurant. We were impressed with the work and attention to detail during the presentation. His vocabulary has advanced and the teaching of sign language is ingenious. It is wonderful to see our son get excited about learning in a creative, dynamic and safe environment. Thank you Ms. Phillips for giving us the opportunity to enrich our child's development. We appreciate the new and innovative ways your program challenges him.

Tee P - Springfield Gardens, NYMarch 22, 2018

Village East Gifted is an amazing school! Both of my boys (ages 13 & 11) attended programs there. The curriculum is phenomenal and the teachers are professional and friendly. Village East Gifted provides a great learning environment for any child and my boys left the program feeling inspired and eager to come back again.

Lori F - Huntington, NYMarch 18, 2018

Great program, brilliant instructor - nothing like this anywhere!

Barbara S - Huntington, NYJanuary 18, 2018

Tobi Phillips is a gifted educator. The children in her programs are lucky to be able to learn from the wonderful teachers at Village East Gifted.

Nicky M - Huntington, NYJanuary 18, 2018

I first met Ms. P about two years before she founded VEG, while she was teaching at my school district's magnet program for gifted children. Immediately she became a mentor - a relationship that's lasted well over half my life. I'm sure I'll be running my writing by her for as long as I'm writing.

Many, if not most, of my fondest childhood memories involve chanting prefixes and suffixes in our Word Etymology courses (the cadences of which are still etched into my brain), or being encased in a raisin costume I'd made working through some song my like-minded friends and I had written for Odyssey of the Mind performance.

I cannot recommend VEG enough. It grounded me from a young age, provided me with a community, and gave me the toolset to live a creative life.