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Written Testimonials
John M - Huntington, NYJanuary 11, 2018

Our child entered kindergarten at our local public school only to come home frustrated and bored. Finding VEG was a God-send! From the moment he walked in the classroom you could see his desire to learn. Words cannot describe how much our son loves VEG. Our classes with Mrs. Goldfarb opened the world to him as they studied geography, latin words, and Ancient Egyptian History. Mrs. Goldfarb made learning these subjects so fun that often times our son would come home and want to research more. VEG is a special place and seeing the excitement on our son's face to go to class is priceless.

Kecia F - Hempstead, NYJanuary 02, 2018

Village East Gifted is an amazing school! Both of my boys (ages 13 & 14) attended programs there. The curriculum is phenomenal and the teachers are professional and friendly. Village East Gifted provides a great learning environment for any child and my boys left the program feeling inspired and eager to come back again.

Renee M - Dix Hills, NYDecember 28, 2017

My daughter is in third grade and has been taking classes at Village East Gifted for over a year now. I am truly amazed by the development of her vocabulary and her writing skills at such a young age. Ms. Phillips shows unlimited depths of creativity by developing lessons that are informative and fun at the same time. The program is just the thing I was looking for to supplement my child's education and prepare her for a bright future. The lessons expand her mind with critical thinking exercises and a challenging curriculum. The small classes create a comfortable and welcoming setting with children of similar interests and learning capabilities. My daughter has developed some great friendships along the way and always leaves class with a smile on her face.

Dolfina D - Dix Hills, NYDecember 28, 2017

We are so glad we found you. Every class Andrew finds more & more stimulating. If we are doing something on Sunday , he reminds us all day we have to hurry up because he cannot be late. Your teaching programs are so "out of the box" that he enjoys each and every class. He comes home laughing & smiling and extremely happy. He responds to you objectives and teaching techniques. I just wish everyone of Andrew's teachers were as dedicated and wonderful as you

Jane W - Huntington, NYDecember 28, 2017

We have seen seismic change in our son since he started at Village East Gifted two years ago at the age of nine. He is very bright and an eager learner, but had not generally shown much imagination, was painfully shy, hesitant to try new things, and a very "in the box" rigid thinker. Under Tobi Phillip's nurturance at VEG, and with the stimulating curriculum and in the company of such intellectually vibrant companions (of various ages, an experience that school and sports do not provide), he has come to life intellectually in ways beyond our hopes. He has become much funnier, more outgoing, much more cognitively flexible, and far more ready to admit to and pursue interests outside the ever-present suburban sports culture. It has also been such a joy to see him working with VEG in the Odyssey of the Mind Competition for the past two years. He has even voluntarily missed sports practices and games - unheard-of for him! - to come to his classes with Ms. Phillips. He enjoyed working with his teammates creating, building, painting, acting, trouble-shooting and finally competing. VEG has been a priceless experience for him - and for us.

George Martin Stephens, Renowned Author and Former Headmaster of - Huntington, NYDecember 28, 2017

Before "A Day at VEG": I've waded through tons of literature over the past year. The majority of it is either couched in psychobabble, written by people who haven't met a child in a classroom in decades, impractical or bland beyond belief. Village East Gifted seemed one of the few sites to offer at least a promise of something new and radical, yet with feet firmly on the ground. There's a dearth of original or creative thinking in the G & T materials I've read; yours was different. Secondly, time after time in my research the successful schemes (I'll step aside from defining 'successful' for the moment) I've seen have been fired by a passionate and committed individual. I've almost come to believe that it's not the scheme but the person who makes things work. You come over as just such a person. Thirdly, I really don't know how I managed to become a member of the UK Educational Establishment. I'm basically a rebel and a maverick ( I was expelled from school at 14 for leading a hunger strike) and have got in to all sorts of trouble by not being willing to compromise if I thought children or their parents were being sold short. I thought I detected a kindred spirit! After "A Day at VEG": I'd seen a load of very good schools before I came to see you, all of which did wonders for raising the achievement of disadvantaged and others. Yet I had this nagging doubt that the primary aim of a generalist school meant that it was not releasing the most able. I think our day with you confirmed that however you manage it you give the most able their own special food and mix like with like.

Student - Huntington, NYDecember 28, 2017

As I was reading Jacques Lacan's Ecrits for class, I stumbled upon a quote of his that struck me as being wonderfully, almost uncannily pertinent, ""The most corrupting of comforts is intellectual comfort, just as the worst of corruptions is corruption of the best." Which, in retrospect, were the exact words I was looking for to explain what I thought to be the core of Ms. P's educational philosophy, as well as the root of its success. It's a beautiful defense of the idea that constant, self-motivated discovery of new knowledge, even from sources generally considered long-spent, is the truest form of learning, rather than the didactic dispensing of previously collected knowledge on the part of some distant, unqualified authority figure.

Grade 5 Student - Huntington, NYDecember 28, 2017

Her pupils (myself included) could not be more devoted to her. To attain this sort of fanatical respect, most other teachers would have to resort to some kind of Big Brother-esque conditioning program; they'd have to forcibly brainwash their kids to attain any level of affection. Ms. P doesn't have that problem. We don't love Ms. P because she's always watching- we love her because she's awesome

Eric G - Melville, NYDecember 12, 2017

I spent so many years as a student and then working as a teacher's assistant with Ms. Phillips! I can't recommend Village East Gifted enough. It's an amazingly creative, safe, and nurturing environment that allows children to think beyond the rigidly structured confines of traditional school curricula. Your child will leave VEG happier, smarter, and with a great deal of worldly knowledge!

Claudine W - Huntington, NYNovember 30, 2017

When we came to Village East Gifted, we were very excited to know there would be an educational environment where our son could "FINALLY" thrive. As a student in the gifted kindergarten program this fall, we have been blown away with the level of education and stimulation our child has been exposed to. We know that he is being challenged and is really excited about learning once again. After a year of being extremely disappointed with a Montessori program that failed to provide an adequate balance based on his needs and abilities, we were relieved to find this program. We do understand that children need a balance of academic and social engagement. However, a vast majority of programs fail gifted children in their ability to truly meet the needs of the "whole child". They're young, however, children should never be placed in a bucket and assumed to be all the same because they share an age. Village East Gifted has validated our thoughts and over delivered on our expectations. Our son is working at a level that shows no bounds. They educate to his ability and not down, nor limit him due to an arbitrary age guideline. We highly recommend this program to parents of gifted and/or advanced children. We look forward to continuing to enrich our child through the Village East Gifted program for years to come.
Thanks you Mrs. Goldfarb & Tobi Phillips, we are forever grateful to you both.
Claudine & Charles

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