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Written Testimonials
Ramona S - Huntington Station, NYOctober 01, 2017

Finding this enrichment program for my daughter was the best thing for her education so far. She joined the program last year in September and she enjoys coming to VEG every week...always looking forward for the next class. The Curriculum, the way very advanced information is presented to them is just amazing. It's also great to know her surrounded by children who enjoy learning as much as she does.

Matt M - Cutchogue/Mattituck, NYSeptember 28, 2017

Contrary to what other students might think, I'm Ms. P's biggest fan. Personally, I think that the absolutely wonderful, wholly unorthodox and original approach she takes towards teaching academically advanced students more than justifies this sort of dispute. To put it simply: she's worth fighting over. I think Ms. P.'s lifelong philosophy is "thinking outside the box", a belief she spreads wherever she goes. She's always looking for new ways to impact others. Ms. Phillips never reaches the bottom of her well of ideas. Her teaching methods are, quite frankly, genius, and she is individuality's biggest fan. Many of us consider her the finest educator we've ever encountered. One struggles to define Ms. P., but the best word to sum up her multifaceted personality is: awesome.

Michele M - East Northport, NYSeptember 21, 2017

One of the things in my life that I am most grateful for is finding Tobi Philips and her school. From day one I knew it was a perfect fit. My son Liam, left her first class beaming with happiness and excitement as he still does to this day, a year later. He will give up anything not to miss one of her classes. As a mother this is such a gratifying and reassuring feeling. She has such a unique and engaging style of teaching that ignites a child's mind with a burning love for learning that you can't extinguish. Something so simple as teaching her students Latin prefixes, suffixes and root words will stay with them forever giving them a broader vocabulary and comprehension of languages. She is a phenomenal teacher and extremely caring individual who cares for each and every child knowing their strengths and weakness' in order for them to continue to grow to their greatest potential. Her energy and creativity is endless. I feel she is making a profound impact in my child's future academic success and that to me is priceless!

Sandra R - Dix Hills, NYSeptember 12, 2017

When my children were little, one of the things they regarded with the utmost respect and appreciation, was going to the classes at VEG. They couldn't express with sufficient appreciation, how much they thought of their teacher, Ms P. Every class was an opportunity for exploration, understanding, and investigation. Each of these young people has grown into a young adult whose ability to explore the world at large has been tremendously enhanced by their experience in VEG. Incredibly beautiful scores on standardized test, excellent school reports, terrific understanding of what is required academically - each can lay claim to all. The years in which my children attended VEG were phenomenally busy, and extraordinarily rewarding. I can't adequately describe what a privilege they, and we, considered VEG in our lives! See whether your children, too, can benefit from this incredible program!

Parent - Huntington, NYSeptember 11, 2017

Village East Gifted has greatly enriched my daughter's life. Tobi Phillips' exceptional program sparks a love of learning in a relaxing and calm environment. The sophisticated and well-rounded curriculum inspires the children to learn to their highest potential. My daughter adores Ms. Phillips and her classmates. I just learned today that my daughter scored at a 12.9 (college!) reading level. Thank you for all of your hard work this year. She is very proud of the progress she has made with you this year."She is thrilled to be surrounded by other highly gifted children who encourage and support one another. I highly recommend this program.

Christa M - Huntington, NYSeptember 04, 2017

We are thrilled to be part of the Village East family. Tobi Phillip's ingenious curriculum epitomizes "outside the box" education. Mrs. Phillips truly understands the non-conventional needs of gifted children and is intensely dedicated to their development, well-being and success. Our three elementary age children look forward to each weekly session. They feel comfortable, are encouraged to think in an abstract manner, express themselves and exercise their imagination.
The Village East program is an incredible compliment to both public and private schools. Our children feel empowered by the enthusiasm of Mrs. Goldfarb and Mrs. Phillips. Our kids enjoy all the special projects and showing off what they have learned during presentations at the end of each session. It is evident that all three have gained and also retained a wealth of information.
We highly recommend Village East and have referred many friends. The fact that graduates of the program score in the top percentile on the SAT and are accepted to the finest universities is only the icing on the cake. What truly makes Village East so incredible is how the children feel about themselves. They have gained enormous confidence and are being taught how to truly write eloquently. This is the only program that we know of that effectively teaches children how to write while enjoying the learning process.
Our children each have a special bond with Mrs. Goldfarb and Mrs. Phillips. They care deeply about their well-being and encourage children every step of the way. At the end of each session, the most difficult part is getting them out the door. Village East is one of a kind. There is nothing else like it!

Robin L - Mellville, NYSeptember 04, 2017

Two of my children were fortunate to have experienced the VEG program and all Mrs. P has to offer. The program is so rich in unique learning opportunities. My kids couldn't wait to spend time with their peers being challenged with fun, exciting material. My oldest daughter is a college senior now but holds such fond memories of being in Mrs. P's house, where is all began. There she connected with children who were like minded. It wasn't just a school to her, it was a second home. By the time my son came we were so excited to see how the school had grown and evolved in the most fantastic ways.

Over the years, Mrs. P has worked hard to offer many options for the different needs of each child. Every student who attends is able to have fun stretching their minds and finding their interests. If you are looking for a one of a kind enrichment program you have come to the right site. My family is so fortunate to have met Mrs. P and what they have acquired from the VEG program.

Allison K - Mellville, NYSeptember 02, 2017

My children have found a second home at Village East Gifted. They look forward to their classes each week as well as seeing their like-minded classmates. Tobi P and her entire staff encourage and work hands on with every child. Children are able to voice their opinions and make decisions when doing group projects. The scope of this program is impressive. Village East Gifted has given my children the best gift of all - a love of learning.

Rachel M - Huntington Station, NYAugust 29, 2017

As a young student, VEG was the absolute best school I could imagine. As an employee eight years later, I am delighted to see my original opinion hasn't changed in the slightest. I began attending Ms. P's classes when they were still in her basement and it quickly became my favorite place. I still remember my first class with Ms. P. I was with two other students, and we were tasked with creating our own island. We decided it would be made up of sheepskin and Cotton candy, and dubbed it Nasheepital Galore. One of my fondest memories of VEG is writing under the tables. I hated writing with a passion but Ms. P tried to make it as bearable as possible, allowing me to grab a lamp and write under the table in the snack room. Along with providing memorable experiences, VEG opened up more outlets to explore different topics than I would've had the chance to in school. It encouraged me to be as creative as possible instead of stifling me, as many schools tend to do. Not only did it allow me to be innovative, VEG made me more eloquent by broadening my vocabulary and strengthening my writing skills. I am indebted to Ms. Phillips for taking me as a student and providing me with an environment that has aided me in my successes today.

Andrea R - Dix Hills, NYAugust 28, 2017

My time with Ms. Phillips in school and in Village East Gifted were easily some of the best experiences of my childhood. Participating in the Odyssey of the Mind competition & learning Latin and Greek word roots are just a few of the many memories from my times with Ms. Phillips. Experiences like these have allowed me to "think outside of the box" and now that I am in high school I find myself using many of the things I learned in Village East Gifted everyday. Ms. Phillips is one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable people I know. You'd be hard pressed to find someone who has done more in their lifetime than Ms. P

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