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Written Testimonials
Andrea R - Dix Hills, NYAugust 28, 2017

My time with Ms. Phillips in school and in Village East Gifted were easily some of the best experiences of my childhood. Participating in the Odyssey of the Mind competition & learning Latin and Greek word roots are just a few of the many memories from my times with Ms. Phillips. Experiences like these have allowed me to "think outside of the box" and now that I am in high school I find myself using many of the things I learned in Village East Gifted everyday. Ms. Phillips is one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable people I know. You'd be hard pressed to find someone who has done more in their lifetime than Ms. P

Age 15 VEG Alumni @ Bard College - Dix Hills, NYAugust 28, 2017

Quantifiable gains in academic performance are the first and easiest things to point to when parents ask whether or not your program works (because it does, and now the numbers prove it.) Long Island was pretty bad at writing before VEG came along. You're doing the world a service. One of the reasons that your program works so well, at least in my opinion, is that it breaks so radically from the standard high school teaching structure, and thus keeps kids from associating the two and getting fed up with VEG because they're fed up with regular education

Lori V - Huntington, NYAugust 27, 2017

My daughter, Lena, started with Ms. P when she was in pre-k. Lena is now entering 6th grade, and I owe her confidence in her intellectual capability to Ms. P. From the Geography Continent stories to the creativity they used to remember the definitions of higher level vocabulary, Ms. P made every challenge fun and exciting. Lena's favorite day of the week was always the day she got to come to VEG. I always joke that I have to bring my crowbar to pry her out of the classroom when I pick her up. This has become a second home to Lena. No matter what day you step into VEG, whether you are met by Ms. P, other teachers, or assistants, you are always welcomed with a warm smile. I honestly cannot say enough about Ms. P and the other teachers. The enthusiasm Ms. P brings to each class is transferred to her students. She loves what she does, and even more she loves her VEG kids!

Andrea T - Northsport, NYAugust 25, 2017

At Village East Gifted, my daughter found an environment that motivates her to practice and perform at a very high level. She enjoys the intellectual challenges provided by the teacher, Mrs. Phillips, as well as the many unique and creative activities that fulfill her curiosity for learning. VEG has encouraged my daughter to developed advanced ways of thinking and problem-solving in small group settings where she has been able to interact with peers and form many great friendships.

Heather P - Huntington, NYAugust 20, 2017

We just had our son's teacher conference and she said that she has noticed a marked improvement in his attitude towards reading & writing, which I absolutely correlate with VEG so thank you!

Lisa W - Huntington, NYAugust 18, 2017

I cant give enough praise to VEG and its teachers. My daughter will be going into fourth grade and has been attending VEG since kindergarten. The program has enriched her life in so many ways and its all thanks to Tobi Philips. She has truly put her heart and soul into this school and it shows in everything she does. Her teaching style is like no other. Her style is so creative that it makes learning fun. My daughter looks forward to class every week even after a long day at school. Thanks to Tobi and her school , my daughter is thriving academically and continues to impress her teachers with the knowledge she has learned. I would highly recommend the program. Its a program that can help children to reach their full potential.

Julie D - Huntington, NYAugust 18, 2017

My son started VEG in 6th grade and my only wish was that we found it sooner. He absolutely loves the program and everything it has to offer and can not say enough good things about the founder and teacher Mrs. P. The kids cover so much material it is amazing and to think their minds are on such a level to absorb all the material while they are having a fun time doing it with other kids like them. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for that extra special person to guide and enrich their child and keep that sparkle in their eye and thirst of knowledge going. Very grateful for VEG.

Elizabeth V - Plainview, NYAugust 13, 2017

The past year at Village East (our first) has been a wonderful experience for my daughter. It's a safe, encouraging environment where she has been allowed the freedom to express herself without the confines of a traditional classroom. The imaginative projects have allowed her cerebral talents to be exercised and she looks forward to each week with excitement (no kidding!). Tobi Phillips is a gifted teacher who makes learning things like grammar and punctuation fun by turning the lessons into games (the local schools would benefit greatly by using some of her methods!) She is nurturing, generous, and truly cares for her students' progress. I highly recommend the program for children who are talented learners and for parents who want their child to have fun while learning.

Ruth K - Woodbury, NYAugust 11, 2017

VEG is one of a kind! Students are taught everything from Latin to sign language to the political map of Europe to artificial organ robotics. The children are engaged in the material in such unique, creative and interactive ways that they don't even realize they are learning. They think they are just playing! My daughter looks forward every VEG class and we will be at VEG for years to come.

Reid S - Comsewogue, NYAugust 11, 2017

My children had no gifted and talented program in their school district. They were not challenged and started showing bad habits in their studying. I spoke with Mrs. P. and felt very comfortable bringing my 6 year old son to Village East Gifted. After the first class, he couldn't stop talking about the great things he did. There was an excitement in him that was lacking from his elementary school. He was like a sponge soaking up Latin, Geography, and anything else she taught. It was the perfect fit for him. Now a few years later, my youngest son goes to VEG with the same excitement every week. I am disappointed in all of the stressing of math and English ONLY in the schools. Science and other disciplines are neglected and VEG fills the void. Mrs. P. has a love and passion for these children. VEG (and Mrs. P.) is an memory my boys will never forget.