Program At A Glance

Long Island holds a significant amount of children with superior intellectual abilities and exceptional talents. Parents find themselves searching for a gifted program that will meet their children's needs. Village East Gifted, located in Huntington, Long Island, has over 3000 students enrolled in its programs coming from 100 different school districts and private schools. Its corporate missions are listed below and involve the academic and social/emotional needs of its students as well as fostering the importance of creativity. We strive to make every class, for every student, challenging, enlightening, captivating and hopefully… irresistible.


Through the years, Villageoo East Gifted (VEG) has become a "prototype society for higher learning". "There is always a sense of 'academic spontaneity' in the air… yet, our feet are firmly on the ground." VEG lessons have "no walls" allowing program participants to quickly (in just a few classes) evolve into 'academically-satisfied' learners knowing that their questions have been answered, unique insights have been recognized and the complexity of their thought processes validated.

VEG's educational philosophy emphasizes that teaching the gifted and talented has to include the learner… whatever it takes; canyons of knowledge, student ideas, alternative points of view with creative teaching methodologies "concocted" by the VEG teacher and students. Challenging mind games, academic competitions and unconventional strategies for organizing brilliant minds are added to the "pot" along with seemingly, impossible tasks, humor and "brain food"… all consumed in a nurturing and inspiring environment. The noted side effects… cognitively enlightened, frequently perplexed (but blatantly content), academically-fulfilled gifted students who keep coming back for more.


Village East Gifted, celebrating its "12th Year of Academic Excellence", offers an academically-rigorous curriculum for gifted students ages 2-16. Its teaching methodology, The Phillips RBM Approach®, is trademarked and patented offering non-linear, highly creative and intellectually-challenging lessons with a strong emphasis on the perfection of the written word. The teaching approach integrates many curriculum areas activating the multiple intelligences of each student. VEG "teaches up", not "down" to the level of its young scholars. Students never learn what they already know or encounter the same curriculum twice.


The VEG curriculum is offered at the high school level to ages 4-16 and adapted after determining the highest level of comprehension in each class. The curriculum is continuous and NEVER repeated. If a student has already learned any part of the curriculum presented in the class, the teachers immediately present another VEG curriculum. Students who have been in the program for 8-10 years have never encountered the same lesson twice.

The CORE (All Subjects) curriculum covers the following content areas: writing and grammar, linguistics, Latin, social studies, SAT/ACT vocabulary, orthography, global studies, geography, public speaking, science, anatomy and physiology, mathematics, business, STEAM, creative problem-solving, research and study skills, and American Sign Language. In addition, writing workshops are offered after each class to ensure that the students are integrating the writing skills they learned in the VEG classroom into assignments outside of the program.


Village East Gifted is located at:

33 Walt Whitman Road
Suite 111
Huntington Station, NY 11746


To qualify for the program, candidates must have an IQ score of 130 or higher and/or tested in the 90th percentile or higher on state tests. A child can be accepted into the program as young as 2 years old without an IQ score but must exhibit signs of giftedness as determined by the program director. All candidates must attend an interview and curriculum assessment to determine their academic level.


VEG offers four different classes:
  1. CORE: All Subjects (Grades N-10)
  2. Pre-CORE (Ages 2-3)
  3. Writing Workshops (Grades K-10)
  4. STEAM Workshops (Grades K-8)
Students can sign up for 1-2 CORE or Pre-CORE classes per week. Writing workshops are open to all students as often as they wish.

Classes are formed based on each participant's grade level, academic performance and social/emotional development. Students can register for one semester at a time or for the whole school year. Though there is a maximum of 15 students per class, the average class size is 9-12 students. It is recommended that all participants remain in the program for at least two academic years. Most participants remain in the program for 4-5 years.


VEG is open seven days offering thirty-four classes each week. Classes are held during the day for ages 2-5 and after school and weekends for ages 5-15.
There are two semesters:

Fall: September-December (11-14 classes)
Spring: January-June (17-22 classes)

For the Spring 2019 class schedule, click here.


Beginning Fall 2018, All CORE and Pre-CORE classes, Writing Workshops and STREAM Workshops are $65/ hour. Full or partial payments are accepted on the website payment page using a credit card or a PayPal account. Discounts are given to siblings and children of military families. Financial assistance and scholarships are available to qualifying families.


Private instruction is available by appointment only. For more information, call 631-549-2313.


VEG's summer program known as, "Camp ThinkTank " offers academically-rigorous and highly-creative STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) workshops that integrate science, math, sociolinguistics and business with artistic expression to engage the multiple intelligences of each child. There are over 16 three-day and four-day workshops from which to choose between June 25-August 29 for grades K-8. You can select one or all that is (are) appropriate for your child's grade level. Summer Program 2019 schedule is posted in April.

Past summer workshops have included:
  • Civil Engineering

  • Creative Infrastructures

  • Culinary Art

  • Modern Physics

  • Fluids and Thermo

  • 3D Printing Solutions

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Zoological Habitats

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Physics & Creative Solutions

  • Oceanography & Aquatic Creature-Making

  • Geometry

  • Waves and Optics

  • Earth Science

  • Sociology/Economics

  • Saponification

  • Newtonian Mechanics

  • Trigonometry

  • Pre-Calculus

  • Conic Section Art

  • Exotic Languages Challenge

  • Science-Integrated Drama
To enroll your child, call 631-549-2313.

For more information about our programs or to schedule an interview, call 631-549-2313 or go to Contact Us